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Hate speech, report 3

The boundary between freedom of speech and criminal law protecion against hate speech
Jon Wessel-Aas, Audun Fladmoe, Marjan Nadim

2016:22 Hate speech, report 3
Rapport (2016:22) Oslo: Institutt for samfunnsforskning (2016)
ISBN internet: 978-82-7763-541-5
Pages: 45

This report primarily contains a legal assessment which has the objective of explaining the criminal law protection against hate speech based on applicable law. The review also highlights which groups that are provided such protection. The legal assessment includes both the most important relevant provisions in the Norwegian General Civil Penal Code (Penal Code) and references to case law from Norwegian courts and supranational courts such as the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

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Literature review of research on hate speech