The Institute considers articles in referee journals and books from acknowledged publishers as the most important channels for scientific publishing. Thus, a large share of the Institute's production is published in Norwegian and international books and journals.


The researchers at the Institute for social research annually produces books that are published by Norwegian and international publishers. In addition, the Institute cooperates with Unipax publishing on the Thesis series, doctoral theses in book format.


Our reports render the final results from some of our projects and are published from all of the Institute's research areas. All reports published in 2000 and later are available as downloadable PDFs


This category contains articles, papers and lectures that have yet to be peer-reviewed. Many of these are later to appear as articles in books and journals.

Other reports

Our researchers also contribute to a wide range of report series at other institutions.

Chronicles and other articles

An important part of dissemination of knowledge is participating in debates and writing chronicles. Feature articles, book reviews and editorials will also be found here.

Comparative Social Research

The yearbook Comparative Social Research aims at furthering the international orientation in the social sciences. Each volume is concentrated on a specific topic, mostly of substantive, but also of methodological character.

Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning (Norwegian Journal of Social Research)

The Norwegian Journal of Social Research provides results from contemporary social research projects for a wider audience, in four annual issues. Articles are mainly published (in Norwegian) by Norwegian social researchers, based on empirical research.

Søkelys på arbeidslivet (Norwegian Journal of Working Life Studies)

The Norwegian Journal of Working Life Studies is an open access journal, covering working-life related issues, such as employment, wages, working conditions, education, and the relation between work and family life.