Our research  

Our Research

Working Life

The purpose of working life research is to gain a better understanding of employees’ behaviour, firms' adaptive arrangements, and the general workings of the labour market.

Gender Equality

The three main topics «family» - «working life» - «politics» create an important frame for the issues central to our research on gender equality.


Migration research covers a wide range of topics related to the movement of people across borders, their integration into host societies and the transnational ties that follow.

Civil Society

Research on civil society at the Institute for Social Research explores citizens’ civic engagement in voluntary organisations and the role and organisational structure civil society organizations

Elections and Democracy

In the study of elections and democracy, the actors and institutions of representative democracy are central factors. Our research is concerned with the interaction between them from a contemporary and a historical perspective.

New Media

Digital media have grown in the past three to four years to become a central research theme at the institute. This has been driven by an ever-increasing need for knowledge on the importance of digital media for politics, democracy and public debate, both nationally and locally.